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Engine MCCodes v2
Price $100.00
Latest Version 2.0.5b
Base Features (shared with v1):
  • Shops
  • Item Market
  • Crystal Market
  • Travel Agency
  • Estate Agent
  • City Bank
  • Cyber Bank
  • Gangs
  • Gang Wars
  • Federal Jail
  • Slots Machine
  • Cyber Slots
  • Roulette
  • Crystal Temple
  • User List
  • MC Staff
  • Hall of Fame
  • Country Stats
  • Users Online
  • Admin Panel
  • Mailing System
  • Auto Donator Credit
  • Local School
  • Battle Stats
  • Gym
  • Crimes

MCCodes v2.0.2 - new features:
-Internet Info Table
-Multiple Polls
-Hidden Polls
-CAPTCHA Test on Registration
-User can be rewarded an item and/or crystals for succeeding a crime (as well as just money)
-User can goto jail for failing a crime
-Jail added
-Crime XP system added
-Improved User info on login
-Attacking, mugging, leaving, hosping etc.
-Major Item Overhaul
-Database drivers
-Improved cronjobs
-Contacts list
-New fresh Skin
-Settings table which means you don't have to edit files such as donator.php to fill in your PP address or header.php to change your game name, you just set a setting =)
-General Optimization (reduced Queries in a lot of files)
-Player Notes
-Lucky Boxes
-Send Crystals (can be turned off/on in settings)
-Bank Xfers (can be turned off/on in settings)
-HallofFame Filters (non-donators, donators, or all users)
-Delete All Events
-Fully Featured Staff Panel

MCC1 mods Included in the MCC2 package by default:
-Polling Booth*
-Advanced Attacking*
-Player Notes
-Lucky Boxes
Please Note: While MCC1 shipped with premade items, crimes, etc, MCC2 ships with none of the above. You can add your own items and crimes and the like from the Staff Panel.

A * indicates the feature has changed in at least some way from the original MCC1 mod.

Things you will be getting

  • One copy of the MonoCountry v2.0 files.
  • One MySQL database structure of the files
  • Full instruction manual on how to install your source codes.
  • We do NOT take responsibility if your source codes are hacked in any ways.
  • You are responsible for whatever happens on your site.
  • Support: A support period of 30 days is offered.

Important things

  • When you recieve the MCCodes v2 engine, you are not allowed to resell it under any circumstances! The MCCodes engine has been registered for legal copyright protection. So we can take action if you resell OR give out to people.
  • If you hire a non-trustworthy coder, or get hacked, and the source code is taken and resold or used on other sites, the responsibility falls on you.
  • You may purchase modifications for your source codes from MCCodes or various other community members - these are not supported by MCCodes.
  • You will be able to download the source code from our Customer Area after purchase is completed.
  • You are only purchasing a license to utilise the code to create a game - the code does not legally belong to you, only the license to use it.
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