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The MCCodes community is large and has made a huge impact in the Web Game development industry with respect to MMORPG. There are several of places where the MCCodes community are based at. One unofficial community forums is based at (

Here you will be able to acquire:
  • Development support
  • Ideas for game development
  • Motivation
  • Modules/Expansions (Including graphics)
  • Freelancers

Make Web Games ( is not an official MCCodes ( platform to serve the purpose of:
- Press release announcements.
- Products and Services support.
- Primary place for contacting the MCCodes management.

It is a place where everyone is welcome to share thoughts, development, ideas, projects, resources, and so on with the rest of the world.

Do not expect the MCCodes team to keep all users on Make Web Games in light with their developments. They will do it through their own press release page ( MCCodes may use Make Web Games community to post announcements, but are not obliged to. If you believe the information on their press releases isn't sufficient to enlighten your mind, then you are most welcome to contact them directly Their personal contact email address is supplied.

Official press release information from MCCodes will always be published at
Official announcement will be synced with the facebook (social media) platform at

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