MCCodes Team

Name Kunal Hari (ColdBlooded) > MakeWebGames Account
Role Co-Founder & Developer
  • Operations.
  • Developer.
  • Support.
Extra information Kunal has been the founding member of MCCodes since. Kunal's management has played a significant role in MCCodes and its current status & name. Kunal is around daily and will always help when he's available. To gain his help, please contact him through MCCodes Support or via Email.


Name Stewart Marshall (Dabomstew) > Make web games Profile
Role Co-Founder & Developer
  • Primary developer for MCCodes projects & engine
  • Managing the servers, ensuring things stay online and run well
Extra information Stewart was one of the original founders of MCCodes in 2005. MCCodes was originally made to run the game, Mono Country. Stewart and Kunal (ColdBlooded) created MCCodes in late 2005 and began to sell the engine.
Contact stewart [at] mccodes [dot] com


Name Kyle Ellis (Kyle)
Role Developer, Programmer
  • PHP Development
  • Engine Core support developer
  • Client Support
Extra information Kyle has been officially working for MCCodes for several years. Kyle has several years worth of overall experience in the MMORPG industry also.


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