Press Timeline


  • April

    MCCodes hires a new developer to help with progress on the main buisness website


  • March

    Work starts slowly on the next MCCode game engine version, Version 3.0

  • May

    MCCodes acquires MakeWebGames to bring the MCCodes community and other RPG gaming communities of 16,000+ members together.



  • March

    MCCodes releases a handful of additional MCCodes modifications.

  • August

    MCCode games continue to populate & expand the RPG Gaming industry.


  • July

    MCCodes releases a proposed feature set announcement for the next version (Version 2.0)

  • September

    MCcodes game engine version 2.0 is released for sale at this website.


  • May

    MC (Mono Country) Server 2 Released to provide an alternative style of play.

  • September goes online and starts selling MCCode engine source version 1.0

  • October

    MCCodes begins plans to develop the next version of MCCode Game Engine source.


  • July

    The developers of Mono Country purchase their first hosting package.

  • August

    Mono Country game development starts early in this month.
    Later on, Mono Country attracts several people who are willing to help out.
    13 August 2005 - Mono Country ( launches

  • September

    Mono Country takes off successfully.

  • December

    The business officially changes its name to MCCodes from

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