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About MCCodes:
Founded in July 2005, MCCodes provides a MMO-RPG gaming engine with the same name that helps developers create RPG games more efficiently with their team. The business develops technologies that facilitate online web browser games. In most cases, these games are free to play world-wide.

MCCodes' engine supplies developers with a pre-built out of the box game with which they can operate their own game. MCCodes was originally intended to be an engine for mafia games, but appropriate modifications allow it to be used for many other themes. These include Medieval games and Sci-Fi games. There are many developers worldwide using MCCodes products to operate their game. We also do custom projects for web development which must have a budget of at least $800.00 USD.

MCCode runs best on the most popular types of webserver available - LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). You can also run it on Windows Servers where PHP and MySQL are installed, but for best results use Linux servers. You should be running PHP 5 or greater and MySQL 4.1 or greater.

MCCodes Team:
The MCCodes team currently consists of 3 dedicated members.

There is a large base of MCCodes games currently operated by purchasers of the engine.

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