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Engine McCodes FREE
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Latest Version Free 1.1.0c
.ZIP comes with:

Item Market
Crystal Market
Travel Agency
Estate Agent
City Bank
Cyber Bank
Federal Jail
Slots Machine
Cyber Slots
Crystal Temple
User List
Game Staff
Hall of Fame
Country Stats
Users Online
Admin Panel
Secretary Panel
Assistant Panel
Mailing System
Donating pages + Donations accepting page
Local School
Battle Stats
Gym System
Crime System

For enthusiastic developers:
If you want to contribute towards this open source project, you can easily do so.
We have setup a repository for MCCode FREE engine at

Simply folk

Commit your codes, send in a pull request, and we\'ll review it. If we think it'll add value to this project, then we will merge your codes. You can always contact mccodes team directly and we can work closely - flick one of the team members a message.

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