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Version Compatibility MCCodes v2
Latest Module Version 1.0.1
Price $5.00
Author A2TC
Description A2TC's SmartPopUP Design makes this mod super easy to install on most pages..and extremely easy to edit for special pages and custom code.

This mod allows you to place 1 or more PopUp links at the bottom of your page (default, can be edited). This is great for help information, or popup NPCs, and just has so many uses that you'll have no trouble finding a place for it in your game.

With A2TC's Smart PopUp Design, you simply have to copy and paste, from the old page to the new..and one name change later you're done.

Special and custom pages may need a little editing, and this POPUP/MOD is fully customizable if you know what you're doing. comes default with a black transparent background that can easily be removed or altered.

The RAR contains 2 files, 1 A2TCPOPUP.php, and 1 how to install.html.
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