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Version Compatibility MCCodes v2
Latest Module Version 1.1
Price Free
Author sniko
Description Brief Description
This crafting system allows your users to craft items by using other items. It allows ease of functionality to the staff, who add the process of crafting, and allows these constraints to be put into place;
- Minimum level
- Money needed
- Crystals needed
- Minimum days old
- Course to be completed (Ver 1.1 - You can choose to not have a course to complete)
- Location specific, or all locations (Ver 1.1)
- Need to be donator?

The system allows you to have a maximum of 5 items to craft the 1 item, and a minimum of 1 item to craft the 1 item. (See screen-shots or demo below)

The system shows the user what they need to do/have before they can craft a specific item - all set by staff. (See screen-shots or demo below)

Try, before you buy
Demo -
Screenshots - (Gallery)

+ No columns in the `users` table
+ Secure
+ Easy to use
+ Documentation/Instructions
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Comment by: Kunal - April 9 2013

Great module!

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