Viewing Mod Donator Packs w/ Paypal IPN

Version Compatibility MCCodes v1
Latest Module Version 1.0
Price $20.00
Author Cronus
Description This is a fully working system to allow you to create donator packs with specific things inside, with an IPN. This mod will let you fill out the form for what you want in the pack, and actually create the item for you without any work. You can choose the number of crystals, donator days, game money, and add up to 5 items. (each with their own quantity) It then adds the donator pack to the donate page, listing everything that is inside, and this is all run on a secure IPN. (no penny sales) You can also deactivate donator packs and they will stay on the admins list so that you can activate it later if you would like. (great for DP specials) Everything is automated and installation is easier than you can imagine, should only take about 5 minutes maximum.

The donator mod has been upgraded from its previous version. It now includes the ability to create BOGO's at any time. Also, it logs all purchases, you can now view all transactions, see your top donators, and search for members individually and see their donations.

This mod will make it's money back for you in no time, best investment by far in the MCCode Marketplace.
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