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MCCodes reformation

Added May 24 2012 by Kunal

MCCodes reformation

Introducing restructured systems. After spending a few months of planning, developing and implementing, I am writing this announcement with pride regarding many new additions to the MCCodes framework. Additions such as, new .com site, a something for the community, MCCode license checker and much more.

It has become quite evident that MCCodes has championed its way through the MMORPG industry by providing a game engine platform for keen Web Application developers worldwide. Not only just for developers but also for organizations and individuals who have no interest or/and skills in web development whatsoever but are keen to build an addictive Role Playing Game to bring together communities. Many genres of games have hit the web such as: CrimesRPG, Medieval, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Historic and many more all thanks to the MCCode engine and its community. Without the contribution of over 18k+ people in the community, the success of these emerging MMORPG around the web would be very minimal. The community has driven MCCode engines for over 7 years by providing support, modules/expansions, ideas, graphics, inspiration and so much more!
The main purpose of this restructure is to tidy things up and give something back to the community. site revamped:

New support system:

Users are now able to create support tickets within whether you are a registered user (Client) or unregistered. This will speed up the process of reply turnover time (Aim is to make within 8-12 hours). internal support system will also be compatible with your email address.

Support tickets will be laid out as a conversation where Support team at can mark ticket as Resolved/Unresolved/Etc.
Revamped client area:
You can now transfer your licenses to another client in with a few clicks and supplying basic information.
Integrated Client news with global news.
Manage purchased modules. List modules for sale and cashout your sales at anytime!
Also able to change your account details & much more!

Introducing MCCodes Marketplace:
The Marketplace allows sellers and buyers to interact in order to acquire and/or sell modules for MCCode engines.
Works just like how the popular Android/Apple marketplace stores.
Sellers use their client account registered at to list modules (goes through approval phase by the MCCodes Mod Approval Team then gets approved/rejected accordingly).
Buyer goes to marketplace and selects the category of module they are interested in according to their engine version – then makes purchase using PayPal.
You will need to load $x credit into your account first - just like a mobile topup system for example. Then you can simply go and buy modules from MCCodes Marketplace.
Load $5.00 USD using PayPal, your MCC account will be in DR $5.00.
For sellers: You are able to withdraw your sales revenue from the site at anytime. Limit for minimum withdrawal is $1.00 USD. Just matter of clicks.

Why marketplace and not just list modules as a thread on (MWG) under the modules forums?

a) More popularity, direct access.
b) Everything in place – secured and verified (High-end quality) board of MCCodes modules is also now synced with the MCCodes Marketplace at

Note: MCCodes can also set Reseller rights on client accounts so they can sell modules without having to go through Mod Approval phase and receive many other benefits. This right is given to “certified mccodes developers” who have contributed a lot to the community and are skilled. For example: A graphic designer which every game developer goes to for designs. He/she simply makes a module (package of weapon images/template/mascots etc) and lists it without having to go through approval stage.

We are preparing the Marketplace to support the next MCCode engine’s modules. It’ll be plugged right into the engine itself for easy installation.

Revamped UI.
We have implemented a new UI to the site.

Back end:
New staffing and moderation systems implemented. License checking system implement.

Team announced

We are proud to announce the MCCodes team at the site. We have listed their name, position and contact details respectively.
See link:
On the other note, I am proud to announce a team member into the MCCodes team, Ian. Ian is a permanent member of MCCodes and is helping us with lots of development work with the site restructure.
In the future, we plan to recruit more people in the MCCodes team to help us with various tasks around the place. Recruitment process will undergo in the very near future.

MCCode engine overhaul

We are pleased to give back something to the community;
We have made MCCode engine Version 1 (current ver: ) open source after stripping it! Yes, it is now a free product which can be acquired from with a few clicks.
Features stripped/taken out:

Gang module
Job module

These 2 modules are now sold at MCCodes Marketplace.

For enthusiastic developers:
If you want to contribute towards this open source project, you can easily do so. We have setup a repository for MCCode FREE engine at
Simply folk
Commit your codes, send in a pull request, and we’ll review it. If we think it’ll add value to this project, then we will merge your codes. You can always contact mccodes team directly and we can work closely - flick one of the team members a message.

MCCodes license checker:

This is probably the most awaited tool. MCCodes license checker - a web based application for you to check if a game URL is running on a valid mccode license or not. If it’s not, then you can one-click-report it. This tool will help us track down unlicensed mccode games out there.
URL to MCCodes license checker:

That’s all for now.
The MCCodes team.

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