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MCCodes V2.5 Redux engine discontinued

Added November 2 2014 by Kunal

MCCode engine Version 2.5 branded as Redux has now been discontinued by MCCodes. We decided to discontinue this engine due to lack of ability to provide support of the engine's core modular infrastructure. Evidently, the MCCode engine v2 is much more streamlined for developers to create modules and expand their games accordingly. Thus, the main drive of MCCode engine Redux's discontinuation is the years of concrete evidence in market and economic research which shows MMO-RPG game development is much better on the v2 engine. We will still provide support to all V2.5 Redux engine license holders. The marketplace for MCCode engine Redux will remain open and modules will all remain listed. Ability to add more modules in the marketplace for the Redux engine will also be possible. Community support on MakeWebGames can be acquired also. It's only, MCCodes has stopped giving support and disclaims no responsibility of the MCCode engine Redux (v2.5). If you have any queries regarding this, please contact us using the Contact Page on this web site. We will be happy to talk with you regarding any matters. Thanks, MCCodes.

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