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MCCode engine Redux

Added May 16 2011 by MCCodes

MCCode engine Redux

MCCodes 2.5 (known informally as MCCodes v2 Redux) is a significant revamp of MCC V2 (v2.0.3) engine made and released by the team of MCCodes. This engine will be branded as Redux as it sounds a lot better than a numerical title. The official version, as stated before, is 2.5.0 (Build: 25000).

A bit about Redux:
This engine will wrap up the release schedule of v2 (besides bugfix releases) in anticipation of the first news releases regarding v3. We'd like to finish the v2 engine with a solid release in regards with the MMORPG's industry gaming needs. Within MCCodes Redux, we have reorganized files and modified the installer to install the game to the owners needs. A few other features and abilities have also been added to the engine so it gives the owners all the rights and powers to operate the engine to their needs. We have also minimized technical programming involvements regarding the base engine by allowing most things to be controlled and set using the engine's installer and panel.

Bullet point summary of MCCodes Redux (remember that Redux is built on V2 therefore all V2 engine features will come with it):

Revamped staff panel
Re-structured engine files
Codes optimized for performance and organizational enhancements (eg. mods/features in /mods folder; staff files in /staff folder.. etc)
Layout system. A layout system feature has been added so layouts can be added, edited and changed using the staff panel. (A selection of layouts made by a_bertrand come included with the engine)
The default layout has been upgraded and comes included as PSD so it can be modified.
A large amount of files edited. So you will see features like the registration, users online system upgraded and so many other features compared with normal V2 engine.

The aim of MCC Redux is to expand the development of MMORPG gaming community even further by allowing the engine to expand with ease. So as MCCodes Redux is more efficient regarding stability, security, adding mods and controlling, we believe it'll be successful.

We hope this engine drives the community to make more development on RPG gaming in terms of mods and layouts.

This will be the last V2 engine venture the MCCodes team will develop (except bugfixes) unless of course the community drives us to make more development on V2. We believe this won't happen as the V3 engine will be released in the future which will be another development altogether.

MCCodes Redux will be made available for community testing and viewing in the coming days. After allowing a decent period of time in which we listen to peoples views and comments, we will make MCCodes Redux available for sale.

Pricing structure:
1 MCCodes Redux engine license - $120.00
Additional MCCodes Redux engine licenses - $80.00 per license.
Upgrade an existing MCCodes v2 license to MCCodes Redux - $40.00 per license.
Upgrade more than one existing MCCodes v2 license to MCCodes Redux (at same time) - $30.00 per license.

MCCodes Redux:

Visit: Make Web Games - Redux Discussion - for a thorough discussion on this engine by developers and users.

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