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Redux patch (v2.5.2)

Added June 12 2011 by ColdBlooded

Several issues pointed out with the Redux (V2.5) engine. So I fixed and released a v2.5.2! Redux within a redux.. just kidding.

MCC Redux V2.5 patch released. Branded as V2.5.2, downloadable from => client section.

The files which were fixed are:
- smenu.php
- global_func.php
- ogcrimes.php
- staff.php
- inventory.php
- attacktake.php
- header.php

You can manually update them on your game if you wish, or download v2.5.2 update from

Instructions for manual patching:
1) smenu.php, header.php and Global_func.php goto Global folder.
2) ogcrimes.php goes in Staff folder.
3) staff.php goes in main DIR.
4) inventory.php and attacktake.php goes in Mods

Thank you for identifying these issues for us!
Also would like to thank Mike (Profile: for identifying a lot of these bugs.


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