Viewing Mod Ajax Blueimp Chat

Version Compatibility MCCodes v1
Latest Module Version v1.7
Price $25.00
Author Kiloa
Description Purchase info:
All we're asking for is $25 and it comes with free installation (optional)!
You can purchase from myself directly (I intend to add it to the MC Codes mod list)
I accept PayPal ([email protected])

I need help!
Support is offered to all who need it! Simply message me here and I'll respond within 24 hours

BlueImp is fairly extendible, but I highly recommend reading through BlueImp's wiki first.

Staff functions?
The chat is designed to go based on the default MC Codes user_level permissions. (2 = admin, 3/5 = moderator, etc.)
Administrators have all rights (as you would expect), which include kick/bans and view user IP (built-in) with room for more should you want them
I've also wrote up a chat log for staff members (screenshot below)

What else?
There are multiple things this chat can do. From a simple roll of a die (or multiple, the choice is yours!) to ignoring other users or talking directly to them privately - a great feature for those who like to role play, or simply want to talk to each other using a method much faster than most games' in-built mail system.
Users can also change their displayed name - though, in the demo version, I've disabled this feature.

This mod is $20 when purchased directly from me or $25 using this market place.
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