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Version Compatibility MCCodes v2
Latest Module Version 1.0
Price $20.00
Author Cronus
Description Allow your users to create items by fulfilling the following requirements:
-Minimum Level
-Items Needed(No Limit)
-Money Needed
-Crystals Needed
-Minimum Days Old
-Courses To Be Completed(No Limit)
-Donator Days Needed(does not take days from user, the user just needs to have this many days)

You can use any combination of the requirements listed above. They will have to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"work\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" a certain amount of times before the item completes. Users are able to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"work\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" on their items after a certain number of minutes elapses, set by you. (ie, once every five minutes, once every 9 minutes, etc) They can see what % they are until completion, and have the ability to cancel work on an item in order to receive the items needed back. (only items are refunded when users cancel creation) You(as admin) can activate items to be created, you can also de-activate the item, but let users who already started working on it, finish. (great for in-game events) Editing/Adding/Deleting items is a breeze, and this mod is EXTREMELY easy to install.

Mod runs on timestamps, so no crons necessary.

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