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» MCCodes V2.5 Redux engine discontinued (November 2 2014)
» Download issue with marketplace fixed (October 28 2014)
» Redux Updates 13/07/2012 (July 13 2012)
» MCCodes reformation (May 24 2012)
» MCCodes v2.0.5b released (April 20 2012)

Welcome to McCodes
Our engines allow developers to create games intended for a large multiplayer audience. MCCode products are designed to reduce development time which gives game owners more time to focus on expanding other areas for their proposed game. These include marketing, graphic designing and development of unique features.

MCCodes is a business that is based on quality and uniqueness. Since 2005, we have been providing online services to people all over the world, and our goal is to keep providing this great service and quality regardless of our endeavour or commission. Our first and only goal is to give great service and quality products to our clients. We thrive on creating a great online experience for people and companies alike, and work hard to make sure that each and every client gets what they are looking for.

MCCodes provides game source engines and modifications to those engines for RPG games. We also provide custom built game engines to clients requirements. You can use our "Contact Us" form to submit a query about a potential custom project.

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